New Releases! Not Your Damsel, Dr. Hannah is In, and Cup of Joshua

Not Your Damsel

It started on the beach, but it is that where it will end?

Jada Stanley isn't on vacation. She's a graduate student who just happens to be doing her research in one of the most beautiful parts of Brazil. But when she is paired up with the smart and handsome Cole Shepherd, research is the last thing that's on her mind.

Cole turns out to be more than just another academic when he saves Jada from danger. But it's not just danger that keeps throwing them together. Jada and Cole get hot and heavy on the beach after research hours, and she can’t get him out of her mind.
Was it all just a one night fling? Or will this hot relationship work outside of a tropical paradise?

Dairymaid Cafe 3: Dr. Hannah is In

Kylie just wanted to take care of her newborn daughter. Why did that have to be so difficult? She's tried everything to get herself to produce milk, but nothing works.

So when her neighbor tells her to go to some weird farm for help, Kylie thinks that it's all just a joke. Well, at least until things start growing.

After drinking some very special milk, Kylie can't control herself.  Her body starts stretching, growing, and having a mind of its own. The employees at the farm are more than happy to help out with Kylie's newfound urges, butthat's just step one of the process.

Can Kylie make it all the way through their sexy, creamy, medical plan?

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Cup of Joshua: A BWWM Billionaire Baby Romance

Is Naomi ready for a steaming  hot cup of Mr. Joshua Toomer-Frost? 

The lights have been cut off in Naomi Monroe's apartment again.  She works from morning to night, serving upscale customers in a boutique coffee shop and barely gets paid minimum wage. The bills are just piling up. What is she going to do?

When  Joshua shows up at her café, she can’t help but notice. Something about him is different from all the other wealthy men that she serves every day. He wants more than just coffee from her. He wants a baby.
What is Naomi  supposed to do? The answer to all of her problems is right in front of her, but can she sell her body to pay her bills?

 Is she willing to share more than just a cup of coffee with this hot alpha billionaire? 

New Release! Forever with Him: With Her Billionaire 6

Penelope Hart is at her wits end. Her perfect vacation to Paris with billionaire Matt DuFour has gone completely wrong. He's too busy for her, and her new friend Gaël isn't interested in just staying friends.

Who will she choose? What will she do? Are Matt and Penny really meant to be together forever? Or was the time that they spent together nothing but a fluke?

Penny finally has to make up her mind and answer the question. Should she stick by Matt's side? Yes, or no? What answer will she choose?

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New Release! Tied to Him: With Her Billionaire, Book 5

It wasn't supposed to be this way. 

Penelope Hart is supposed to be enjoying the Parisian vacation of her dreams with her white billionaire boyfriend, Matt. When an unwelcome phone call comes and takes Matt away from her, she’s left all alone.

Now Penny has to explore the city on her own. She tries her best, and meets new friends along the way, but even the City of Lights is not a replacement for Matt's warm embrace.

A new friend, Gaël tries to cheer her up, but Penny isn't sure about him. Does this handsome black Frenchman have pure intentions? Or is he planning something that neither Penny nor Matt could even imagine?

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New Release! Bound with Him: With her Billionaire

Penelope Hart is finally in Paris. She has everything that she could ever wish for. Sexy French billionaire Matt DuFour is by her side to lead her through the city. Paris is big, bold, beautiful, and romantic!

It seems like everything is going better than her wildest dreams. All she has to do is ignore Matt’s constant business phone calls that interrupt their vacation. That's not too much to ask for, is it?

Penelope feels like Cinderella at the ball. But will the clock strike midnight and make her dream vacation disappear like magic? Will Matt and Penelope finally be able to ease into the relationship, or will business obligations steal him away from her?

Until now, Penelope and Matt have always been thrown together, but will this be the first time that they are torn apart?

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New Release! Stuck with Him: With Her Billionaire Book 2

Penelope Hart used to have a normal life. But after she's forced to spend a night trapped in a library with billionaire, Matthieu Dufour, everything changes.

Crowds of paparazzi destroy Penelope's quiet life, and when it's all too much there's only one man she can turn to: Matt. He promises to take her in and keep her safe.

Matt has the kind of money that can make all of Penelope's problems go away, but should she trust him? Can she get her life back without breaking her heart, or will she discover that a happy ending with Matt is just a dream?

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New Release! Locked with Him: With Her Billionaire

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Penelope Hart just wants to do her job. It was supposed to just be another day at work, but when Matt comes into her library, everything changes. 

He's handsome. He's smart. And he's just too good to be true.

Matt convinces Penelope to go on a book hunt with him, but unfortunately he doesn't realize a storm is brewing outside. What will they do when the two are locked together in the library? Will Penelope be able to stop herself from falling for Matt's seduction?

When they are rescued and Matt's secret billionaire identity is revealed, will they be able to be together? Or will their love disappear like the melting snow?

Locked with Him is the first part in With Her Billionaire, an interracial (BWWM) romance series following the story of Penny and Matt. The series contains strong sexual themes, and is not intended for readers under the age of 18.

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New Releases!Cody's Discipline: A Cowboy's Rules &

I have two new releases for you! Yay for publishing!

Cody's Discipline: A Cowboy's Rules

Ava Grant is out of control. She's drinking, smoking, and doing more than riding in cars with boys. When her parents realize she's flunking out of college, that's the last straw. They take her out of her dorm and send her to the family ranch.

The only thing is, she's not alone. Rough rancher Cody has been running the ranch on his own for years, and he's not about to take any trouble from wild Ava. He has rules, and she better obey them.

When Ava insists on continuing her big city ways, Cody shows her what it means to mess with a country cowboy. She's over his knee for a searing bare bottom spanking, but her punishments don't end there.

Despite herself, Ava falls for Cody. But can she convince him to notice her? And will she agree when he says he wants to fill her up so there are three on the ranch?

This story of a wild girl tamed by her cowboy contains explicit scenes of spanking, sex between consenting adults, and more.  It is of adult nature and meant for readers over 18 years of age. All characters depicted are over 18 years old.

Fantastic Futas 1: Cheri's Secret

Duke is a college student out of luck. When the sixth girl runs after seeing what's in his pants, he think's he's never going to get laid. His roommates arrange a hot blind date who has all a guy could ask for. But Cheri comes packing much more than Duke expected underneath her short skirt. Cheri's little secret is not that little, and she can't wait to share it with Duke. 

Will he be able to handle all the places she wants to stuff it? Or won't he keep Cheri's secret?

This 4.200 word story contains scenes of steamy hot sex between a horny guy and the futa girl of his dreams! For adults only.

This Week in Sex: Japan Edition




Sex Toys

Sexy, Happy, Smutty Valentine's Day!

Welcome all you dear hoppers!


In a few days love will be in the air, heart-shaped boxes filled with chocolate will be in every arm, and you will positively choke on the lovey-dovey attitude. 

It's all a little too sweet for me. I like my Valentine full of whips, chains, and kinky BDSM.

If that's the kind of Valentine's Day you are into, then you might want to take a peek at my Training Kate series. Wanna know what's inside? I'll give you a hint. There's whips, chains, and sweet desserts that get served on something more interesting than a plate.

Does that whet your appetite? Then here's a taste!

He pulls a leash out of his pocket. The leash is simple, naturally colored leather, but the collar is lined inside with soft satin and edged with white lace. Michel pushes my hair over one shoulder so that he can see my neck, and he buckles the collar on tightly. I can breathe fine, but I feel its tightness against my throat with every movement.

He picks up the end of the leash and hands it to Albert.

“She’s yours now,” he says. “Take good care of her while I’m away.” 

Well, how was that? Better than a box of Walgreens chocolate, I bet.

If that sounds like your kind of Valentine's Day, you can find Training Kate books one through three at almost any place you can buy digital books.

Now, onto the hop!


You probably already know, but the grand prize of this Valentine's Day Gift Hop is a Kindle Paperwhite and a whole basket full of digital New Adult Romance.

How do you get your hands on this amazing prize? Every comment counts as an entry. It's as simple as that.

And guess what, you have even more chances to win a gift card and a free copy of the Training Kate series from me!

Just use the Rafflecopter form below to see how you can earn even more entry points.

After that, just keep on just keep on hopping!

10 Things I Can't Live Without: Dalia Daudelin

 1. Chicken. I could eat chicken all day every day, especially with buffalo sauce.

 2. Anything sour, like raw lemons.

 3. Tumblr

 4. Rooster Teeth

 5. Sailor Moon

 6. Political conversations

 7. Being controversial

 8. Caring for wild birds

 9. Evening walks

 10. Drawing silly doodles

Bio: I am a 24 year old erotica author who's made her mistakes and learned from them. I work with my fiance to write the best stories I possibly can while also giving women a safe outlet for their more "taboo" desires.

Author page on Amazon:

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How to Write Erotica: 3 Tips with Pandora Box

  • Tip #1: Write. This is advice you'll hear from everyone in every genre, but I believe it particularly applies to erotica - your aim is not to create perfect characters in beautifully-constructed worlds (though both of those are obviously a plus) - you're building sexual tension, and then releasing it by rubbing body-parts together. Write, write, write. Turn your brain off and let your fingers flow - you'll learn more the more you produce, and no matter how bad you are to begin with, it's capable of getting *someone* off.
  • Tip #2: Publish. I'm a perfectionist. If I could, I'd rewrite every story for the rest of my life, not putting it out in the world until it's a masterpiece…but if you want to make money from this, you can't allow yourself to indulge. I limit myself to one draft, and then I get it out there. Write as much as you can, and publish all of it.
  • Tip #3: Don't do anything except #1 and #2. It's so easy to get sucked into the world of social media and marketing and reading guides on how to blah blah blah…write, publish, then write some more. If you're writing smut, it's all about volume. Write what sells - follow the trends, and if it does well write a sequel - but don't spend your time on anything else.

(also give yourself time off from time to time)

Bio:Pandora Box is an ex-librarian who got sick of skimming through books for the naughty parts, and decided to write her own. She lives in Australia, where she cycles daily and watches every U.S. television drama she can get her hands on!

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Pandora loves hearing from her fans - email or send her a tweet!

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How to Write Erotica: 3 Tips with Veronica Hardy

Tip #1: Read a lot of Erotica and Romance. Find out what you like. Find out what you like to write. Find out styles that you like. Find references that you want to use in your writing. 

Tip #2: Write. Don’t just think about, talk about and plot about writing. Put yourself out there. It isn’t easy but as soon as you do, you will feel accomplished and happy that you did.

Tip #3: Don’t be afraid to revise. Edit what you write, hell sometimes scrap what you write, start over and don’t be afraid to make mistakes. We all make them. 


Veronica Hardy is a young woman in her mid twenties that enjoys reading romance, erotica and other fantasy works. She has a small micro farm, knits and sews. Veronica is a radical homemaker and a teacher by day but spends her nights knitting tales of lust and debauchery rather than shawls. She makes her home in the city of bridges with her husband, two dogs and one very pesky cat.

Look for more exciting works by this budding author here on Amazon or on her social media websites. You can reach her at or on Twitter at .


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10 Things I Can't Live Without: Dora Livingston

My girls

My laptop




Amazon (!)


My Friends

My imagination



Bio: Dora Livingston - I am almost 32, widowed (two years) with two lovely daughters. I had been doing romance and science fiction writing for fun since I was in high school, but nothing too serious. After my husband's death I turned to reading erotica since I didn't feel like bringing another man (or woman) into my life while my girls were so young - but I needed something to help me stay warm at night. Of course after reading for a while I found myself writing, and I'm afraid I have a rather active imagination! As my youngest just finished first grade, I am now getting more serious about my writing - erotic and otherwise - and hope to become a full-time writer sooner than later. Happy to answer any questions about my stories or my writing style/habits.


Find Dora on Twitter:

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Saturday Smut Roundup 01: Steampunk and M/M

Welcome to the first edition of the Saturday Smut Roundup!  

Thank you to all the authors who entered! 

Runner Up- Jenny Knox

“The heat is but one feature, though. I think you’ll
see that the best part of this device is right here.” I
produced a small golden key from the bottom of the wooden box and inserted it into the base of the shaft. With one, two, and three turns, I released the key and the shaft
hummed and vibrated. I held the vibrating phallus aloft
for effect as I spoke. “There is a vibrating coil at the
base of the shaft, and one at its head, for direct, ah…” I
glanced nervously at Donner. He was making me terribly
uncomfortable. I cleared my throat. “Hrm. Clitoral
stimulation and very satisfying penetration.”

I don't know about you guys, but I've never even heard about steampunk erotica before!  But to be honest, I prefer rechargeable vibrators, thank you very much.

First Place- Nora Nix

... Paul was still on his knees, bruises beginning to form underneath the semi-sheer weave of his dark stockings, his garters stretched to capacity under his short skirt. His mouth was wide open, tongue protruding and flat, his eyes darting from one man to the other as they jerked their cum-fat dicks closer and closer toward his face. 
“Fuck!” Willy grunted as a pearl of semen began budding at his tip. “Lift your skirt up, Paula. Show us your pussy.” 
“Yeah, Paula,” Ramos taunted, the first time he had spoken all evening. “Get your chocha out.” 
Paul locked eyes with Vince and lifted away his petticoat and skirt. Beneath it, Vince could see he wasn’t just wearing panties, but a tight black teddy that hugged his balls close to his leaking cock. Stains darker than the material itself had formed where Paul’s throbbing tip lay, glistening streaks of lust that made the thin fabric cling even more tightly to the shape of his fully hardened dick. 

So I'm probably the only lady in the world who hasn't really gotten into M/M fiction at all, but this excerpt from Nora Nix really makes me want to try it! It's hot, dirty, and raunchy. Just the way I like it!

Thanks again to all the authors you can see below!

Don't forget to come back Saturday through Friday to sign up for the next round of Saturday Smut! Click here to enter.

How I Write Erotica: Pandora Box

Who are you, what do you write?

My name's Pandora Box, and I write taboo erotica by the boatload, specialising in mind control and incest.

What hardware do you use?

I used to live off my iPad and Logitech Tablet Keyboard - I'd take them into a cafe and write all day. But since I got back into using Scrivener, it's all about the Macbook. I used to use PC exclusively, but the way that all the apple products sync up is something I've found extremely useful, and now I don't even think I could go back...

What software and websites do you use? For what?

On the iPad: iaWriter. It's perfect for making sure you don't get distracted. I also use (I work in pomodoros) wherever I am.

On the Mac: it's all about Scrivener. I use it to write in, to redraft in, and export from. My cover artist uses Photoshop, and the website is great if you're working out of notepad. I also use - I have a VA over there who does my non-Amazon publishing for me. It's cheap and saves me from having to go through the upload process on four different sites.

How does this setup help you write?

I'm extremely achievement-driven, so Scrivener's constant updating of my word-count really helps me keep on track. I also like to bounce between stories, so having all of my works in progress in the same project (and just a click away) really helps.

What would be your dream writing setup?

What I have now is ideal, but I'm really looking forward to Scrivener for iPad. If that can sync with the Mac version, it'll be a game changer for me.


Bio:Pandora Box is an ex-librarian who got sick of skimming through books for the naughty parts, and decided to write her own. She lives in Australia, where she cycles daily and watches every U.S. television drama she can get her hands on!

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Pandora loves hearing from her fans - email or send her a tweet!

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Erotica Book Review: Cleaning up Camille by Nora Nix

Title: Cleaning up Camille
Author: Nora Nix
Genre: Lactation Erotica

Overall Rating: ★★★☆☆
Hotness Rating: ★☆☆☆☆

Blurb: Nick is a young, aspiring artist. Camille is his favorite barista at the Happy Hermit café. When Camille's engorged breasts start leaking during her shift, he knows that someone will have to clean her up - and it might as well be him.


He had been sitting in a corner booth of the Happy Hermit, one of those hipster coffee cafés that everyone loved to hate – including him. It was overpriced and overflowing with hack writers and scribblers calling themselves artists, and if that wasn’t bad enough, if a server caught you uploading a photo of your food with a crappy filter on it, you’d get a free espresso.

What's wrong with hipster cafes? They just serve better coffee than Starbucks. It's about quality, you hear me, quality! ...And sometimes instagramming latte art. But I digress.

Cleaning up Camille is the story of Nick, the guy chilling in this hipster cafe, and Camille, a barista that is way too cute and innocent for it. Nick has secretly been admiring Camille's newfound boobage when an accident happens that changes their relationship.

“There you go,” she announced triumphantly. “One maple vanilla spiced latte for Mr. Ford.” She spun the can like a cowboy in a spaghetti Western and shoved it into her apron with a playful wink.

Camille is a basic girl and Nick is a basic guy, but their interactions in this story are surprisingly sweet. They have playful banter and genuinely seem to enjoy each other's presence. It almost feels like they are those best friends that everyone assumes are dating.

Camille was clearly upset and humiliated, and the sounds of her quiet weeping nearly drove him to tears along with her.

Not only that, but Nick is something more than a raging hard on! He actually cares about Camille. In the quote above you can really see that he has a lot of empathy for her situation, which is pretty endearing.

“It’s not all that weird. It’ll give us something to laugh about later when—” “Holy shit, Nick!” Camille yelped, her eyes widening. Nick looked down and realized that she was staring at the front of his jeans. “You’re hard!”

That's all great and sweet until we get to the sexy. I'm sorry to say that it was just plain confusing sometimes. Why is Camille (who just had a baby and obviously isn't a virgin) pointing at Nick's crotch like she's never seen an erection before? Does that really warrant a yelp. Maybe if he was so gigantic his pants were coming apart, but this seems like a pretty run-of-the mill erection here.

“That’s my girl!” Nick praised, grabbing a handful of the fabric and giving a sharp tug. The strappy little pair ripped away, leaving her bare-assed in front of him. She yelped in surprise and he stuffed them in her mouth, turning her to face him and looking down into her wide brown eyes.

Then there are scenes like this that make me feel like I'm in another story. After all that sweet insecurity, where did this come from? First time sex with a sensitive artist guy and he rips off your panties and stuffs them in your mouth? I'm into BDSM, so normally I'd probably find this pretty hot, but here it's just confusing.

He was soon not only covered in the milk from her tits, but the milk from her pussy too, an earthy aroma that reminded him of red wine and went to his head just as easily.

There are also a few moments in the text that suffer from overwriting. I know red wine is a nice image, but it really doesn't make sense here. Well, unless Camille has some really special breast milk.

“I knew you’d like it,” she said in between animalistic panting. “I’ve been putting it in your coffee for weeks.”

On the other hand, it's moments like these that make me smile. It's a cute trick that Camille has pulled on Nick and gives her a little spunk. Plus it makes Nick seem less like a weird stalker, which is always a plus. Unless that's the kink you're writing.

“You… are on the pill, right?” he asked at last, wincing at how terribly unromantic that sounded. Camille chuckled and shook her head, but before Nick could have a coronary, she added: “An IUD.”

Finally, a shoutout for mentioning IUDs in erotica. I think I've never seen that before and it literally made me laugh out loud. Remember kids, IUDs are 99% effective at preventing pregnancy, but will not stop dudes at cafes from milking your boobs.


  • Plot : ★★★☆☆
  • Characters: ★★★☆☆
  • Warnings: Milk! All over the place! In a grimy hipster cafe!


+Super sweet story about cute characters
+ IUDs!


+Really not enough sizzle for me
+Not enough romance to make up for the sizzle

Why You Should Buy It

If you want a mostly sweet story about lots of milk gushing between two cafe denizens, this is the story for you. If you just love lactation, it has the milk and the sex you desire.

About the Author:Nora Nix is a young author with a passion for passion. She enjoys love stories just as much as she enjoys lust stories and writes both. Other genres that interest her include fantasy, science fiction, dystopian worlds, post-apocalyptic epics, and good old adventure tales.

Links: Nora on Twitter
Nora's Blog

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This Week in Sex: iOS Porn, Farrah Abraham, and Kink Coming Out Day




Sex Toys

New Releases! Dairymaid Cafe, Heating up Jack Frost, and Checking Santa's List

I have some new releases to share with you all! 

Hot Little Shop: Dairymaid Cafe

Cindy Watt is broke. She needs a job, and when the proprietress at the mysterious Little Shop points her to Dairymaid Cafe, she jumps at the chance. But this isn't your regular cafe. After her breast grow, swelling with milk, Cindy realizes that the cafe has a sexy underside. The waitresses serve the customers their own sweet cream, and it looks like it's Cindy's turn to be milked! 

If you are getting ready for the holidays, I have two stories that might tickle your fancy. (Yes, I know I'm a little early! But who doesn't like an early present?) 

Heating up Jack Frost: A BBW Holiday

Curvy Holly just wants to go home for the holidays. She'd rather be warm with her family than at home without a guy to heat her up. But when a freak snow storm crashes her car and strands her in the middle of nowhere, those plans are ruined. Lucky for her, she's saved by a mysterious, tall, pale, and sizzlingly sexy guy named Jack. He nurses her back to health and Holly soon finds out Jack Frost is way hotter than she thought! 

Checking Santa's List: A BWWM Erotic Holiday

Candice is tired of just being a volunteer mall elf. What she really wants under her tree is Brad, her best friend and the sexy guy underneath the Santa suit. When she accidentally shares too much on her Secret Santa card, Brad is more than willing to grant her wish. Candice ends up sitting in Brad's lap and a lot more! But won't they get caught playing their naughty holiday games right in the middle of the mall?