Saturday Smut Roundup 01: Steampunk and M/M

Welcome to the first edition of the Saturday Smut Roundup!  

Thank you to all the authors who entered! 

Runner Up- Jenny Knox

“The heat is but one feature, though. I think you’ll
see that the best part of this device is right here.” I
produced a small golden key from the bottom of the wooden box and inserted it into the base of the shaft. With one, two, and three turns, I released the key and the shaft
hummed and vibrated. I held the vibrating phallus aloft
for effect as I spoke. “There is a vibrating coil at the
base of the shaft, and one at its head, for direct, ah…” I
glanced nervously at Donner. He was making me terribly
uncomfortable. I cleared my throat. “Hrm. Clitoral
stimulation and very satisfying penetration.”

I don't know about you guys, but I've never even heard about steampunk erotica before!  But to be honest, I prefer rechargeable vibrators, thank you very much.

First Place- Nora Nix

... Paul was still on his knees, bruises beginning to form underneath the semi-sheer weave of his dark stockings, his garters stretched to capacity under his short skirt. His mouth was wide open, tongue protruding and flat, his eyes darting from one man to the other as they jerked their cum-fat dicks closer and closer toward his face. 
“Fuck!” Willy grunted as a pearl of semen began budding at his tip. “Lift your skirt up, Paula. Show us your pussy.” 
“Yeah, Paula,” Ramos taunted, the first time he had spoken all evening. “Get your chocha out.” 
Paul locked eyes with Vince and lifted away his petticoat and skirt. Beneath it, Vince could see he wasn’t just wearing panties, but a tight black teddy that hugged his balls close to his leaking cock. Stains darker than the material itself had formed where Paul’s throbbing tip lay, glistening streaks of lust that made the thin fabric cling even more tightly to the shape of his fully hardened dick. 

So I'm probably the only lady in the world who hasn't really gotten into M/M fiction at all, but this excerpt from Nora Nix really makes me want to try it! It's hot, dirty, and raunchy. Just the way I like it!

Thanks again to all the authors you can see below!

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