Erotica Author Interviews: Chase Boehner, author of Erotic Escapades

Chase Boehner

On today's installment of Erotica Author Interviews, we talk with our first male erotica writer! Welcome Chase Boehner.

Ellen Dominick:Tell us about that pen name of yours.

Chase Boehner: Chase Boehner is a pen name I came up with that serves many purposes. It has a few double meanings to add that sly smile to the reader and for me it represents my silly and fun side and lets me know to never take myself too seriously.

ED: Are there any new authors that you'd recommend?

CB: In Erotica, I recommend Elizabeth Woodham for erotica that engages your mind and senses. Chloe Thurlow for story and depth and in the field of Poetry I would recommend the just released Suadade by B.L. Ronan. It’s a deep and complex journey of finding herself through the love of one man and it is sizzling hot and tear-jerking dark at times.

ED: Tell us something that happened this year that really impacted you or your life.

CB: That’s easy, I started publishing and I haven’t looked back for a second. I find it highly addicting and when one is done I start stressing out about my next piece…lol

ED: What is your writing process? How do you get ideas? How long does it normally take you to write a story?

CB: My process is pretty simple. I write what I’m inspired to write from a single idea that enters my head to something somebody might say. I have taken suggestions and incorporated them into my stories and also a bit of real life. The writing takes an indeterminate amount of time. I write around a full time job, family life, and just work it in when I can. Sometimes, if I am stuck on one story, I will start and finish another before returning to the previous one.

ED: What do you like about writing? What do you hate?

CB: I love the creative process of writing. That’s why we do it anyway, to create something from ourselves to share with the world. As for what I hate, that would have to be the endless promoting you need to do after you have published a piece. I had no idea when I got into self- publishing that it would be 30% writing and 70% promoting. Getting your work out there and seen by the right customers is a beast of a burden at the best of times…lol

ED: You're very active on social media. How and why do you use it?

CB: I use it to create an awareness of myself as an author. My name is a brand and I work on trying to create an expectation when people read or hear my name. I also try to promote and help other authors and bloggers because I firmly believe we are all sailing in the same boat and working together helps keep us afloat. I don’t believe in tearing anyone down and on my blog most of my posts have to do with featuring other authors. My posts vary from Author Spotlights and Interviews to the rare editorial piece from me and finally to featuring posts that are designed to benefit anyone currently self-publishing or thinking about it.

ED: Tell us about your prior works

CB: They are all erotica of course. With Beginnings my idea was to create a husband and wife couple that are happily married but have this incredibly giving and open sex life. This book was designed as a very brief glimpse into them and their bedroom and the respect and love they share. And although with it being my first attempt at writing erotica, it still gets many generous compliments that I am thankful for. It will be special to me because it’s my first try and I also look back at it and see how much I had to learn. The characters connected with an audience and so began The Allen and Allie Sex Adventure Series. This series is light on drama and meant to be fun escapism fiction.

With The Room being the Allen and Allie follow up book I felt the need to really push myself and enlarge the world and give the readers a much fuller erotic experience. The book is my longest yet and introduces new characters into this lighthearted, sexy universe. Popular characters Jake, Natalie, and Dana were introduced in this tale and will be mainstays in The Allen and Allie Shorts.

Teaching Her, Pleasing Them was my first short to introduce a little light conflict. Nothing major, just a catalyst to some hot and sexy fun. Cassie reveals to her best Friends Angie that she is lacking in a certain skill. Angie ropes her husband Dale into the plan to help teach Cassie what she needs to please her boyfriend Brad and the lesson starts from there. My challenge in this tale was to write convincingly from a female pov. It was something I enjoyed so much I will keep returning to that style.

Sharing Kate: Lust, Love Rediscovered ended up being another step forward for me as I introduced Carter, Kate’s boyfriend who is having issues with Kate’s request for a lifestyle change. In this short I really tried to convey Carter’s insecurities and how they threatened his love for Kate. He has to make a decision and live with the consequences and in the process learn a bit more about himself.

Keeping Kara was the most fun to write. It came out of a personal challenge to me from a friend and fellow writer b.l. ronan. She wanted me to write and ultimate womens fantasy piece and she gave me the elements to include in the story. Once challenged it all opened up to me and the parts I needed to connect became a natural extension of the characters. I wrote a story I was really happy with and had two of my toughest beta readers tell me to go back and fix it and add more depth. I thought about giving it a big old man cry and then sucked it up because they were right and went back and made a more cohesive and flowing narrative. Trish and Brandi, thank you ladies!!!

ED: How did you feel when you finished writing your last release?

CB: My last release is the collection Erotic Escapades. Most people would see this and think what an easy release, just throw it together and Bam!, finished. This was not the case at all. As with anything I do I want to give my customers the best quality product I am capable of producing because I owe it to them and their decision to spend their hard earned money on my product. What they get is something more however, because the best I am capable of putting out is nothing compared to the actual end product with the help and aid I receive from those around me. It’s a big list from Aphrodite, Trish, Dianna, Brandi, Beth, Ashley, Brandon, Amy and a handful of others. These people spend a lot of their time helping me and my end product look professional. That goes from the Cover Photo from to the cover model A.A. Harris, a friend and incredible woman to the final design by Aphrodite Smiles. From there I had the generous foreword from my great friend b.l. ronan and formatting and editing help from friends Trish and Dianna. Brandi, Brandon, My wife Santina and others all proof read and tell me where I need to be better and then after all that it finally comes together is a saleable version. You may notice by that list that my life is greatly enhanced by the women in it. It’s true gentlemen, a good women or a small army of them behind you help make you into something better than you would be by yourself.

ED: What are you working on next?

CB: I just wrapped up my first genre blending short The Need. It is my first foray into Erotic/Horror and will be published through Bitten Press. It is a story I am very excited about and again shows a progression in my developing ability. Now my sights are set on the third Allen and Allie and two new stand-alone shorts with two new characters being introduced.

ED: What's the worst writing advice you've ever heard?

CB: To not write at all. If you feel the need to do so, then scratch that itch and get it going.

ED: You're pretty rare in the erotica world as a male author. Has the community been welcoming? Have there been any barriers to overcome? Do you think you write from a different perspective than female authors?

CB: Oh the community! Well the community has been nothing short of the most incredibly supportive group of people from fellow authors to fans that I have ever experienced. It’s truly an ongoing love affair with the people that just humble you daily with their openness and willingness to be of help. As far as barriers they are mostly technical. Learning how to promote and be visible through all the various social media circles is no small feat. I definitely write from a male perspective. I am told from many female readers that my voice is refreshing and it’s a lot of fun seeing sex through the eyes of a male writer. The women in my books are realistically written but I try to keep a base honesty throughout each and every piece and that honesty is through a male lens…lol

ED: Why do you think people read erotica? What do you love to see when you read erotica?

CB: The same reason they read anything else, to either escape life for a bit, to be taken on a journey, to see the world differently. The answer will be different for everyone. It may be as simple as to relieve a certain need they have pent up or to fill a void they have in their own life. I like to imagine people just need the fun and adventuresome nature that erotica provides. When I read erotica I like it to be couples focused or have a strong female lead. I do not enjoy victim fiction or fiction that is based degradation. I like my characters to be honest and loving and to have fun sharing and experimenting. That’s the fun escapism io look for when reading erotica.

ED: Tell us a little about your blog and interview series. What interview should readers defiantly check out?

CB: The blog was something I was fervently avoiding. I was completely intimidated by the whole concept of blogging. I read that an author absolutely has to have a blog so I braved it and went forward trying different blog sites. I found most of them confusing until finally a friend recommended blogspot. I got on and it was an easy site to use and was created. Now the problem was content. I didn’t want to set up a blog and be an endless pimping machine for myself so right away I knew I wanted to feature other authors and keep giving back to the community that has been giving to me. I did my first interview on a whim and from there the page views grew and I have never looked back. Now I also do Author Spotlights and feature a lone book of theirs I think readers will enjoy and I have the very rare editorial. I have been fortunate to have some great guests over and I don’t see that stopping in the future. As far as the interviews, I think they are all worthy or I would not have asked the author to provide one. I leave the reader to decide for themselves who they enjoy the most.

ED: I think indie publishing requires you not just to be a writer, but a marketer and a business person. Do you agree? How do you feel about that?

CB: That is 100% correct. If you are not familiar with social media than as an indie author you better get acquainted quick if you want to be noticed at all. It is not recommended but absolutely essential. The great thing about is you get to interact directly with fans and that is beyond awarding and makes all the evils of the promoting machine worth the hassle. I love talking to my fans and many of them I give exclusive sneak peeks to in thanks of their continued support.

Erotic Escapades
By Chase Boehner

Blurb: Erotic Escapades to Tease, Tantalize, and Entice. Start a fire and keep it burning with these hot, sexy shorts, a collection of my first five erotic works. Inside you will find characters and sensual stories for your reading pleasure, perfect for a little extra foreplay.

Bio: Chase Boehner is my pen name. I wanted something playful that represented my writing style. I write erotica to turn you, the reader, on and to hopefully add that little something to your day that was missing. My main focus is couples erotica and series writing. I hope that my readers can connect with my characters on a more naughty level but see that they are creations of love on my part.
My stories are designed to be quick, sexy reads that can be enjoyed solo but are best when read with that special someone. When I write I picture you and your hottie of choice using my stories as that extra bit of foreplay.

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