Erotica Author Interview: William Cooper, author of Behind the Glory Hole

Today we're happy to talk with William Cooper, author of Behind the Glory Hole

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Ellen Dominick: Do you have any guilty pleasures?

William Cooper: Video games! I am completely addicted to playing video games. My Steam library alone has over 120 games in it. Then there's all the games I have for my PS3 and 3DS, not to mention all of my older consoles.

There are plenty of times when I've found myself playing video games when I should be writing.

ED: You write Twincest. Can you explain what that is and why you write it?

WC: Twincest is erotica or porn between twins. The most common twincest is lesbian porn with twin sisters. Straight men eat that stuff up. When it comes to erotica and erotic romance, twincest is generally between two male twins, occasionally with a male or female third added in.

I don't know why I write twincest other than I enjoy it. It's a good niche market that a lot of other people enjoy as well. Since there are so few books on the market, it's nice being able to fill that gap with my own stories.

ED: Many stores have strict guidelines on incest erotica. Has it been difficult for you get get your work published?

WC: My story is a bit different than other erotica writers. I didn't start out with self-publishing erotica. I started out publishing erotic romances with traditional e-pub houses. I started writing twincest erotic romances back in 2010 after I finally found an e-rom house that didn't automatically disqualify incest stories.

Since then, I've started to branch out into erotica rather than erotic romance, and finding a home for twincest hasn't gotten much easier. My choices are between self-pubing Smashwords and B&N or publishing through one or two epublishers.

ED: What do you think of Amazon and other sites forcing limits on taboo erotica?

WC: It's disheartening. When it comes to publishing, whether print or ebook, self-pub or e-pub, Amazon is where you're going to make most of your sales. With them banning incest and other "taboo" erotica, authors who write in those genres find themselves losing a lot of their sales.

Instead of just being able to write the stories we want to write, we have to spend time figuring out what we can write that Amazon won't kill on sight. That leads to a lot of "vanilla" erotic romance and erotica that's flooding the market. BDSM and uncommon kinks like lactation are the most risqué an author can get without being automatically booted out. And even those stories are filtered to death.

ED: Tell us about your relationship with Stiff Rain Press.

WC: I absolutely love Stiff Rain Press. Back in 2010, I went to my first industry convention - Authors After Dark. It was there I got to meet a bunch of the people in charge of Resplendence Publishing, a fairly large erotic-romance publisher. Unfortunately, they specialized in straight up erotic-romance without a lot of kink other than BDSM.

Last year when I was at GayRomLit, I found out that RP was opening a imprint that focused on erotica and kinky erotic-romances. I was thrilled! I cornered one of the women in charge of the press and pitched my idea to her. She was intrigued so I sent Brothers with Benefits to her that night when I got back to my hotel room. (Okay, so I was a little over eager... But can ya blame me? =P)

When their acquisitions editor emailed me back and offered me a contract for the book, I was so excited to be part of their team. Since then, I've loved working with everyone at SRP. They're all fans of erotica and have a lot of experience working with erotica and erotic romance. It's great having a publisher I can send my longer erotica pieces to so that I don't have to try and self-pub everything.

ED: Are there genres that you can't stand? Which and why?

WC: I'm personally not a fan of BDSM. I've read a few books with it and it's just not my thing at all. Rape fantasy books and dubious consent are also no-goes for me. I don't personally care if other people read or write them, but I don't want anything to do with the subjects.

ED: Is there anything that you haven't written about that you really want to?

WC: I've written a lot of brother-brother incest, and I've seen a ton of step-siblings and step-parent stories. Part of me wants to try a father/son story (or step-father/son). I like pushing boundaries, and since straight pseudo-incest is so common and popular, I wonder how male/male pseudo-incest would go over.

(I'm pretty sure my editor at SRP is cringing right now going "Oh great, now I'm probably gonna have to read that.")

ED: Is it hard to continually write new and exciting sex scenes? How do you do it?

WC: A great and wise horny woman once gave me great advice for writing sex scenes. Watch a lot of porn. That seems to work pretty well for me. Occasionally I'll have porn on one half of my screen and an open Word document on the other half. Then I'll try and write out the scene as I watch it unfold. It's good practice for learning new and interesting ways to describe sex acts. It also helps you focus on the little details instead of writing the same old sex scene over and over again.

ED: Do you have any advice for new writers?

WC: Write. Don't spend all your time reading or trying to find tips for writing. Just sit down and write. Sure reading and finding writing tips will help you, but nothing is going to improve your writing except practice.

So every day, sit your butt down and write something. It doesn't have to be long and it doesn't have to be amazing. But write something every day and try to learn something from the experience.

ED: Pick 6 words that describe your last release.

WC: Brothers, glory hole, public sex, HOT.

(I feel like I'm writing out keywords for Amazon! =P)

ED: What are you working on next?

WC: I've got a ton of projects in the works right now. Cabin Boys is a short brothers erotic story that is in edits with Stiff Rain Press. For His Love is a novella length erotic-romance with Asian best friends that's in edits with Resplendence Publishing right now.

As for books still being written? I've got an M/F erotica short about two people having sex on the back of the bus, another twincest book that focuses on glory holes and group sex, an M/M/F book about sex parties, and a series of M/M books that focus on sex in public places.

What can I say? I like to keep busy. =D

When Lance finds out that the anonymous person on the other side of the glory hole is his brother, he's unsure how to proceed. How can he look his brother in the eyes again without remembering what happened?

William Cooper has been writing and reading since he was little. In 2010 he took the first step toward publishing a book and hasn’t looked back since. Whether it’s two men who met in college or brothers who have been in love their entire life, William loves to tell their story for everyone to read.

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