How I Write Erotica: Pandora Box

Who are you, what do you write?

My name's Pandora Box, and I write taboo erotica by the boatload, specialising in mind control and incest.

What hardware do you use?

I used to live off my iPad and Logitech Tablet Keyboard - I'd take them into a cafe and write all day. But since I got back into using Scrivener, it's all about the Macbook. I used to use PC exclusively, but the way that all the apple products sync up is something I've found extremely useful, and now I don't even think I could go back...

What software and websites do you use? For what?

On the iPad: iaWriter. It's perfect for making sure you don't get distracted. I also use (I work in pomodoros) wherever I am.

On the Mac: it's all about Scrivener. I use it to write in, to redraft in, and export from. My cover artist uses Photoshop, and the website is great if you're working out of notepad. I also use - I have a VA over there who does my non-Amazon publishing for me. It's cheap and saves me from having to go through the upload process on four different sites.

How does this setup help you write?

I'm extremely achievement-driven, so Scrivener's constant updating of my word-count really helps me keep on track. I also like to bounce between stories, so having all of my works in progress in the same project (and just a click away) really helps.

What would be your dream writing setup?

What I have now is ideal, but I'm really looking forward to Scrivener for iPad. If that can sync with the Mac version, it'll be a game changer for me.


Bio:Pandora Box is an ex-librarian who got sick of skimming through books for the naughty parts, and decided to write her own. She lives in Australia, where she cycles daily and watches every U.S. television drama she can get her hands on!

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