10 Things I Can't Live Without: Dora Livingston

My girls

My laptop




Amazon (!)


My Friends

My imagination



Bio: Dora Livingston - I am almost 32, widowed (two years) with two lovely daughters. I had been doing romance and science fiction writing for fun since I was in high school, but nothing too serious. After my husband's death I turned to reading erotica since I didn't feel like bringing another man (or woman) into my life while my girls were so young - but I needed something to help me stay warm at night. Of course after reading for a while I found myself writing, and I'm afraid I have a rather active imagination! As my youngest just finished first grade, I am now getting more serious about my writing - erotic and otherwise - and hope to become a full-time writer sooner than later. Happy to answer any questions about my stories or my writing style/habits.


Find Dora on Twitter: https://twitter.com/DoraErotic

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