Erotic Author Interview: Tonya Kinzer

Today we are joined by author Tonya Kinzer!


Ellen:  Are there any new authors that you'd recommend?

Tonya:  There are so many wonderful erotic authors, not all of them new but in the last few years, a few I’ve met online are Lori King, Kellie Kamryn, Malia Mallory, Gem Sivad, Cassandre Dayne, Rae McCartney,  Steve & Brenda Woody Tindle, Nichelle Gregory just to name a few…and YOU of course! LOL

Ellen:  What did you want to be when you grew up?

Tonya:  Hmmm…I think I always wanted to be ‘The Boss’s Pet’! Working in an office environment is something I’ve always wanted and that’s where I’m at….running my own offices and I love it! *wink*

Ellen:  How and when did you start writing?

Tonya:  I’ve been writing for over twenty years. A few years ago, my husband is the one who encouraged me to just do it…self-publish my stories and get them out there.

Ellen:  Tell us about your prior works.

Tonya:  My prior works are the four books in The Boss’s Pet series and a separate book, Master’s Email. Readers have written requesting I add a few more books about Alexis and Cole so I’m considering that!

Ellen:  How did you feel when you finished writing your last release?

Tonya:  Finishing a book, long or short, is exhilarating and you want the world to enjoy the read. Yet, as bad as we want everyone to enjoy it…there will always be a few who leave comments that it’s the worse book they’ve read. That’s just how it is. Understanding that is hard but it WILL happen no matter how good the book is. I like helping authors get the word out to readers about their new books so do keep that in mind.

Ellen:  What are you working on next?

Tonya:  My current book will be finished soon and is an erotic western, Come Tame Me, book one in my Wild Fillies series. I’m close to being done and then the edits need to be done for a release before the end of July…a month later than I wanted. I hope for the book tour in August so please watch my website and subscribe to my newsletter. Once this book is done, I’ll be writing book five in The Boss’s Pet series.

Ellen:  What 5 things should an author do to improve his/her career, besides writing well?

Tonya:  That’s a tough one! I have things I do and these aren’t in any order but…teach yourself what you need to know about formatting if you want to be self-published, learn how to create book trailers, authors need a website to be visible, stay in touch with readers and be available for them. I’m techie and am always wanting to learn more so I can create better covers, ads, web banners, trailers, etc. I know I spread myself thin between writing, designing and running our offices but I love it.

Ellen:  Do your characters do things you wouldn't?

Tonya:  That’s the fun of writing…to make my heroines do things I wouldn’t or can’t. I’m a strong emotional person and create my heroines and other female characters along those lines.

Ellen:  Do you do things they wouldn't?

Tonya:   I don’t think I write shy characters but at times, I can be shy. Meeting new people for the first time isn’t a favorite thing to do but online, I can be as bold as I want.

Ellen:  Some people are probably tired of this topic, but what differentiates porn and erotica? Is there a difference?

Tonya:  That definition is different for each person. A reader won’t find a lot of vulgarity in my writing nor a story without romance somewhere between the lines. To me…porn is writing about a sex act without plot, romance or feelings and showing the raw, vulgar parts of sex that can be written just to get the reader off as fast as possible. Readers really do want to care about your characters. Some titles out there turn me off right away….why would you do that?

Ellen:  What is the hardest part of being self-published?

Tonya:  The hardest part is having to do all the stuff on your own to get your book out there such as your covers, blog tours, ads, banners, promo, formatting, uploading, being a wife, mother and boss. Luckily, I have a spouse who considers my writing to be as important as I do!

Ellen:  If you like [Author/Book] , then you might like my book. Complete that for us.

Tonya:  Fifty Shades of Grey….as wells as other Dom/sub books out there and there are MANY! Readers need to explore more behind their bedroom door, regardless of whose book you read. Experiment or the bedroom gets stale and you’ll always wonder ‘what if’ – read the info online, be informed, and understand that there is more behind a Dom/sub relationship than what you read or see in the videos. A relationship starts with total trust because if you allow a partner to blindfold and restrain you, you have to trust that they have your safety in mind before anything.