New Release! Forever with Him: With Her Billionaire 6

Penelope Hart is at her wits end. Her perfect vacation to Paris with billionaire Matt DuFour has gone completely wrong. He's too busy for her, and her new friend Gaël isn't interested in just staying friends.

Who will she choose? What will she do? Are Matt and Penny really meant to be together forever? Or was the time that they spent together nothing but a fluke?

Penny finally has to make up her mind and answer the question. Should she stick by Matt's side? Yes, or no? What answer will she choose?

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New Release! Tied to Him: With Her Billionaire, Book 5

It wasn't supposed to be this way. 

Penelope Hart is supposed to be enjoying the Parisian vacation of her dreams with her white billionaire boyfriend, Matt. When an unwelcome phone call comes and takes Matt away from her, she’s left all alone.

Now Penny has to explore the city on her own. She tries her best, and meets new friends along the way, but even the City of Lights is not a replacement for Matt's warm embrace.

A new friend, Gaël tries to cheer her up, but Penny isn't sure about him. Does this handsome black Frenchman have pure intentions? Or is he planning something that neither Penny nor Matt could even imagine?

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New Release! Bound with Him: With her Billionaire

Penelope Hart is finally in Paris. She has everything that she could ever wish for. Sexy French billionaire Matt DuFour is by her side to lead her through the city. Paris is big, bold, beautiful, and romantic!

It seems like everything is going better than her wildest dreams. All she has to do is ignore Matt’s constant business phone calls that interrupt their vacation. That's not too much to ask for, is it?

Penelope feels like Cinderella at the ball. But will the clock strike midnight and make her dream vacation disappear like magic? Will Matt and Penelope finally be able to ease into the relationship, or will business obligations steal him away from her?

Until now, Penelope and Matt have always been thrown together, but will this be the first time that they are torn apart?

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New Release! Stuck with Him: With Her Billionaire Book 2

Penelope Hart used to have a normal life. But after she's forced to spend a night trapped in a library with billionaire, Matthieu Dufour, everything changes.

Crowds of paparazzi destroy Penelope's quiet life, and when it's all too much there's only one man she can turn to: Matt. He promises to take her in and keep her safe.

Matt has the kind of money that can make all of Penelope's problems go away, but should she trust him? Can she get her life back without breaking her heart, or will she discover that a happy ending with Matt is just a dream?

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New Releases!Cody's Discipline: A Cowboy's Rules &

I have two new releases for you! Yay for publishing!

Cody's Discipline: A Cowboy's Rules

Ava Grant is out of control. She's drinking, smoking, and doing more than riding in cars with boys. When her parents realize she's flunking out of college, that's the last straw. They take her out of her dorm and send her to the family ranch.

The only thing is, she's not alone. Rough rancher Cody has been running the ranch on his own for years, and he's not about to take any trouble from wild Ava. He has rules, and she better obey them.

When Ava insists on continuing her big city ways, Cody shows her what it means to mess with a country cowboy. She's over his knee for a searing bare bottom spanking, but her punishments don't end there.

Despite herself, Ava falls for Cody. But can she convince him to notice her? And will she agree when he says he wants to fill her up so there are three on the ranch?

This story of a wild girl tamed by her cowboy contains explicit scenes of spanking, sex between consenting adults, and more.  It is of adult nature and meant for readers over 18 years of age. All characters depicted are over 18 years old.

Fantastic Futas 1: Cheri's Secret

Duke is a college student out of luck. When the sixth girl runs after seeing what's in his pants, he think's he's never going to get laid. His roommates arrange a hot blind date who has all a guy could ask for. But Cheri comes packing much more than Duke expected underneath her short skirt. Cheri's little secret is not that little, and she can't wait to share it with Duke. 

Will he be able to handle all the places she wants to stuff it? Or won't he keep Cheri's secret?

This 4.200 word story contains scenes of steamy hot sex between a horny guy and the futa girl of his dreams! For adults only.

New Releases! Dairymaid Cafe, Heating up Jack Frost, and Checking Santa's List

I have some new releases to share with you all! 

Hot Little Shop: Dairymaid Cafe

Cindy Watt is broke. She needs a job, and when the proprietress at the mysterious Little Shop points her to Dairymaid Cafe, she jumps at the chance. But this isn't your regular cafe. After her breast grow, swelling with milk, Cindy realizes that the cafe has a sexy underside. The waitresses serve the customers their own sweet cream, and it looks like it's Cindy's turn to be milked! 

If you are getting ready for the holidays, I have two stories that might tickle your fancy. (Yes, I know I'm a little early! But who doesn't like an early present?) 

Heating up Jack Frost: A BBW Holiday

Curvy Holly just wants to go home for the holidays. She'd rather be warm with her family than at home without a guy to heat her up. But when a freak snow storm crashes her car and strands her in the middle of nowhere, those plans are ruined. Lucky for her, she's saved by a mysterious, tall, pale, and sizzlingly sexy guy named Jack. He nurses her back to health and Holly soon finds out Jack Frost is way hotter than she thought! 

Checking Santa's List: A BWWM Erotic Holiday

Candice is tired of just being a volunteer mall elf. What she really wants under her tree is Brad, her best friend and the sexy guy underneath the Santa suit. When she accidentally shares too much on her Secret Santa card, Brad is more than willing to grant her wish. Candice ends up sitting in Brad's lap and a lot more! But won't they get caught playing their naughty holiday games right in the middle of the mall? 

4th of July Sale, Giveaway, and New Release!

I have two things to announce today, while many Americans are getting ready to barbecue.

I am having a 4th of July sale! Head over to Amazon to get three of my books on sale for just $0.99. 

The books are Chikan, The Tentacle and I, and Best Friends Forever. 

Click the links to buy, and head over to Dalia Daudelin's to enter a givaway for a $50 Amazon gift card.

The second thing is a new release.


Popping My Husband's Cherry: A Strap-on Honeymoon

Newlyweds, Amy and Paul, are spending their honeymoon in a tropical paradise. But all is not well, and Amy realizes that Paul just can't perform like he used to. When Amy's friend, Jessica, introduces her to the advantages of pegging, she has an idea that will make for a much hotter second honeymoon.  Will Amy be able to get what she wants and make Paul open his mouth, bend over, and get taken from behind?


Ellen Update: All Romance Ebooks Bestseller and Piracy

I just hit my first big milestone! The first book in my She's the Billionaire series, Meet Your Boss, Chris Baker, is an All Romance Ebooks bestseller!

I'm so happy that I did a little dance.

Thanks guys, you are the best fans!

In other news, it has also been pirated. I know some people would be upset, but I'm not.  I think it's pretty cool that someone wanted to read my book enough to pirate it!