Cup of Joshua : A BWWM Billionaire Romance

Is Naomi ready for a steaming  hot cup of Mr. Joshua Toomer-Frost? 

The lights have been cut off in Naomi Monroe's apartment again.  She works from morning to night, serving upscale customers in a boutique coffee shop and barely gets paid minimum wage. The bills are just piling up. What is she going to do?

When  Joshua shows up at her café, she can’t help but notice. Something about him is different from all the other wealthy men that she serves every day. He wants more than just coffee from her. He wants a baby.

What is Naomi  supposed to do? The answer to all of her problems is right in front of her, but can she sell her body to pay her bills?

 Is she willing to share more than just a cup of coffee with this hot alpha billionaire? 

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