Popping My Husband's Cherry: A Strap-on Honeymoon

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Newlyweds, Amy and Paul, are spending their honeymoon in a tropical paradise. But all is not well, and Amy realizes that Paul just can't perform like he used to. When Amy's friend, Jessica, introduces her to the advantages of pegging, she has an idea that will make for a much hotter second honeymoon.  Will Amy be able to get what she wants and make Paul open his mouth, bend over, and get taken from behind?


This hot 3,300 word story contains explicit scenes of oral sex, anal sex, pegging, sex toy play, creampie, and anal play between a wife and a husband who gets a big surprise. It is of adult nature and meant for readers over 18 years of age. 


I step out of the bathroom and Paul’s mouth drops open.

“What is that?” he asks. His eyes are glued to my crotch.

“That,” I say, pointing to it, “is my little friend, and I'm going to stuff you with it."

He’s speechless as I walk toward him. When I reach Paul, I make him put his hand on it so that he can feel what I’ll be filling him with.

“What if it doesn’t fit?” he asks.

“I’ll make it fit,” I say.

I grab his hair and kiss his lips. He kisses me back so fiercely that I feel like my lips are going to bruise. We both fumble with his clothes, throwing his shirt and pants to the floor. 

“Get on your knees,” I say.