Sweat and Curves: A BBW and Her Trainer

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Trisha, a voluptuous BBW, goes to her doctor one day and finds out she has to lose weight or risk her health. When she goes to a brand new 24 hour gym, she gets way more than just a workout from her handsome new trainer Evan. She soon finds out that he prefers curvy women when he makes her spread her legs on the gym floor. The gym is pretty quiet late at night, but will they get caught practicing their new "advanced workout" where everyone can see?


This scintillating 3,800 word story contains explicit scenes of nipple sucking, fingering, vaginal sex, anal sex,  and creampies on the floor of a gym where anyone could see them!  It is of adult nature and meant for readers over 18 years of age. 


“Why don’t you drop your towel so that I can massage you better? I promise I won’t look,” he says. After a little hesitation, I unwind my towel. He’s been a perfect gentleman so far, after all.

Evan massages my lower back and I hope that he doesn’t notice how excited I am. I keep thinking that I am naked in front of him and it scares me and turns me on at the same time. I squeeze my legs together, hoping that I’m not dripping onto the seats.

He massages so well that I find myself letting small moans escape my lips. If he is so good with his hands, I wonder how else he could make me moan. I lean into his hands, enjoying the feel of his touch.

“You know,” he says, bringing his face close to mine and whispering into my ear. “I meant what I said before. I like women with a bit more curves to them. Women like you.”

I can’t believe what he’s saying. Is this a part of my dream?

“Like me?” I ask. I’m so surprised that my voice squeaks.

His hands never stop moving, and he leans his wet body against me. I can feel his hardness through the towel, pressing against my back.

“Yes, just like you,” he says. He kisses the back of my neck gently, making me shiver all over. “Do you like guys like me?”